Leadership VS Managerial

Leadership and managerial,

This two words seem to be in the same meaning in many people’s mind. If someone think about this words, they must be thinking about a skill that must be had for someone who has many people report to him/her.

Yup, that is true, but Do You know what is the difference between that two words?

Ok, In this first content of my blog. I want to share with you what I learn about it.

Lately, I have read many books about leadership (especially book about IT Organization). Before, I never want to read that type of book (‘character book’) , cause for me, it’s like wasting my time. But I am wrong, we need to learn about ‘character’ things, It’s help us to go to the top. Fortunately,lately I met many ‘big’ people (vice president,CIO,Director) and hear about what they said. I feel this ‘big’ people have widen view about they thought and has many brilliant ideas from his thought even like one comment from this ‘big’ people like have many meanings. Then I thought where they can have this widen of view/thinking. First, Of Course their thought has been full with their experience from time to time. Second, They get from many sources (this include from seminar, books,etc.). So now I know what actually the benefit of that book.

One Interesting part about my reading is about leadership and managerial. We can find this skill, for example if we have a team. If we have a team, there must be someone who can give us direction or someone who has a strong feeling of responsibility among the other about team task/projects. With his/her direction, the team will not lost their way. So what is a good leader for your team?.

Ok, We back again to our title “Leadership vs Managerial”. Leadership and managerial, both are skillset that can make team member know what they must do now or later to achive a team goal. But There is different in the way of implementation. With Managerial, it means like skill to give order, what they must do now and what next. With this type, our team member will not know about what they must do next if we don’t give order or direction. Another type is Leadership, it is a skillset that make us as a team leader as an inspirator. We make our team to always learn and know what they must to do now and next. As a leader who has this ‘leadership’, we just like give example and dig the passion of team member to complete team goal together.

What can someone be said as a leader? First, He/She must be the person who have passion and responsibility about the team goal. Second, He/She must be the person who know and always try to find the way/strategy to get the vision of team/organization achieved. Third He/She must be the inspirator for the others.

According to Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence and Primal Leadership. There are four basic dimensions of emotional intelligence:
Self-Awareness : The ability to recognize your own feeling.
Self-Management: The ability to manage your feelings and emotional life.
Social-Awareness: The ability to recognize the feeling of others.
Social-Skill: The ability to act on and accommodate effectively the feeling to others.
Four skill above are fundamental of leading through influence.

For conclusion, we know that leadership must be first priority before managerial. A high position in company always try to prioritize lead first beside manage. To be a great Leader/Chief, we must learn how to develop leadership. Case study in leadership book or other experience help us to know more about this ,and how we positioning ourselves in that condition.

Ok, this is my first topic of blog. May be, I will try to put and share my real case next.
Any comment or idea are welcome.

For Feedback, I found different type of leadership.
– Commanding: “Follow me because I say so!”
– Pacesetting : “Follow me–do what I do”
– Visionary : “Follow me because I see the future”
– Affiliative : “Follow me because we’re in this together”
– Coaching : “Try doing it this way”
– Democratic : “What do you think?”

Please leave your comment about that different type of Leadership, what do you like best?.

Yohanes BW

“A leader is great, not because of his or her power, but because of his or her ability to empower others.”
–John C. Maxwell, Developing the Leader within You, p9

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9 Responses to Leadership VS Managerial

  1. Mr.Soeper says:

    mantap bos first blood nya…

    dari yang saya tangkap, leadership adalah kunci awal dalam managerial sehingga jika ingin menguasai managerial, hendaknya kita menguasai prinsip leadership.

    banyak banget buku mengenai leadership dan managerial

    diantaranya “Create Your Own Future – Brian Tracy”, “How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie” dan lain – lainnya…


    memang sih ada bnyk tipe pemimpin / bos / atasan kita…
    saya memandang semua tidak ada yang buruk, tergantung pada lingkungan dan orang sekitar kita (dalam menentukan type of leadership kita ).

    just my 2 cent ^^

  2. Sally says:

    Leadership and managerial..
    Personally, i had experienced only a small part of leadership, but not managerial.. Therefore, don’t think I can leave any valuable comment.

    Anyway, reading books are good. But read only will not get things done. Action still reqiured. And through that, perhaps one can learn more.

    Good luck and wish u all the best!

  3. Katsu says:

    i think democratic is the most important one, because you give other chance to present their strategy. Every strategy have their advantage and disadvantage… but all of that is a suggestion for the leader. A leader is a decision maker… so a leader must have a good visionary to make a decison
    Peach Cui ^^

  4. Fattyawan says:

    Mantap bos.
    Postingan pertama di blog hehe.
    I always think leadership and managerial identical until i read this blog.
    For my self i prefer visionary.
    Because we already prepare ourself with the risk and posibility in our project.
    Waiting another your post.

  5. aryo_s says:

    Manstab Gan,

    Di lapangan Leadership dan managerial sering kali berjalan tidak seimbang. Terkadang ada seorang pemimpin yang meski telah memimpin perusahaannya bertahun-tahun tetapi tetap menggunakan management oldschool. Sebaliknya ada juga pemimpin yang skill managerialnya bagus tetapi ga ada bakat menjadi leader, sehingga kerepotan untuk mengendalikan anak buahnya.

    Semoga kelak qta smua bisa menjadi pemimpin yang baik dengan skill managerial yang cukup, amiinn…. ^_^

  6. Luck says:

    I don’t know nothing about leadership and managerial skills, so can’t comment on the post, just absorb the knowledge shared ^^

    Anyway, on the types of leadership, I can’t say I like any, but I guess it depends on the situation. When there’s a situation where u’ve got the most knowledge in one field, it’s ok to be Coaching, Visionary, or even Commanding. On the other hand, when one is lack of knowledge in particular field, it’s better to be Democratic.

    Please let me enlightened if I’m heading the wrong way ^^

  7. Christin says:

    Congratsz ya 1st postingnya..

    Hmm… I think democratic leadership is the great one.. Because based on the book that i’ve read “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, you won’t get the best from team if you use the commanding way… If we said “Follow me because i said so..” yeah they might be follow you.. Outside.. But,inside..Who knows? Ga semua orang suka diatur-atur apalagi diperintah-perintah.. Ada baiknya kita menanyakan kepada mereka, apa pendapat mereka.. Dan dengan begitu,mereka akan merasa dihargai, lalu mengungkapkan ide-ide mereka, dan selanjutnya akan dengan senang mengerjakannya.. Tapi tetap saja, in the end Leader yang take control dan memutuskan…

    “The leaders who work most effectively, it seems to me, never say “I”, And that’s not because they have trained themselves not to say “I”.. They don’t think “I”.. They think “We”, They think “team”.. They understand their job to be to make the team function.. They accept responsibility and don’t sidestep it, but “we” gets the credit.. This is what creates trust, what enables you to get the task done” -Peter Drucker-

    hmm.. Thats my comment loh.. Hehehe..
    Waiting for ur next posting.. And it must be an interesting topic.. Cant wait o.. Hahaha.. Gud luck ya…
    Ganbatte…!!! ^^

  8. Vrey says:

    Leadership > Managerial. What a posting, great. A team must know what to do now and next. If they only know what to do now, it will be wasting time for waiting next command. But it is what I get in here!

    Type of Leadership:
    – Commanding: 100% noooo
    – Pacesetting : Just ducking
    – Visionary : The propechy
    – Affiliative : Teammate, may be i choose this one.
    – Coaching : Teachering
    – Democratic : Two-edged sword

  9. agito229 says:

    Leadership vs Managerial.

    Hmmm… from my perspective, they looks alike but actually different.
    The leader is a manager. But the manager is not always a leader.

    To become a true leader, not just managerial skill that we need, but also the characters and the relationship with the subordinates.

    Good luck bro.

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